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A network administrator is responsible for the smooth operation of an organization's computer network. This involves ensuring that the network is always available and running at optimal performance, as well as maintaining and configuring the hardware and software that make up the network.

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Key Duties

Our main duty is to monitor the network to identify and troubleshoot any problems that may arise. This may involve performing regular checks on network devices such as routers and switches, as well as monitoring network traffic to identify potential bottlenecks or security threats. In the event of a problem, the network administrator will diagnose the issue and take appropriate steps to resolve it, whether that involves making changes to the network configuration or replacing faulty hardware.

Important Function

Another important aspect of a network administrator's job is to maintain and update the network. This includes installing new hardware and software, as well as upgrading existing components to ensure that the network remains secure and efficient. In addition, the network administrator may be responsible for creating and implementing security protocols to protect the network from external threats, such as hackers or viruses.

Other Objectives

In addition to these technical tasks, a network administrator may also be involved in planning and implementing new projects or initiatives that involve the use of the network. This may include deploying new applications or services, or expanding the network to support new locations or users.
Your Network Administrator
Our role as your network administrator is essential for the smooth operation of any organization that relies on a computer network. By ensuring that the network is always available and running efficiently, a network administrator helps to support the organization's critical business processes and keep its operations running smoothly.

Company Strategy

Purpose To help small and medium size businesses with their IT, Network Administration and Computer needs by providing enhanced services, experience and knowledge.
Vision To be your IT department. We want to help our customers avoid the high cost of full time IT personnel and still have the peace of mind that their computer and Network Administrative needs are met.
Core Values We treat everyone fairly and with respect. We grow by learning, experiencing and taking a hands-on approach. We operate with business ethics and integrity in all aspects of our business.
Goals To maintain a great reputation in the Computer Repair, Network Administration and IT Solutions for our business clients. We want to excel in all aspects of our business and grow with our customers.

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