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Full Image Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Secure Your Data

When catastrophe strikes, will your business still be running? With our chain-free, image-based backup, your business can continue to run with 24/7 access to data without disruption.

Disaster Can Strike Any Time – Are you prepared?

Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks can strike a business or organization of any size. Peace of mind comes from knowing your data is recoverable at any time.

System Outages

System Outages

Don’t let outages keep your company down. Software, hardware, and data centers can all fail. When they do, your business needs to keep running.

Human Error

Human Error

Humans are fallible and one of the most common threats to your buisness and data is human error. While it is mostly unintentional, it is also difficult to aviod.

Natural Disaster

Natural Disasters

No matter where you do business, a natural disaster can be unavoidable. They can be a high cost to your business when key systesm are damaged.

Ensure Business Continuity

Not all back-up services are the same. Our solution is chain-free, end-to-end backup and disaster recovery platform to protect your company’s continuity. Make sure your computers and servers have the right back-up and recovery solution.

What Does Chain-Free Mean?

This technology significantly reduces the amount of storeage required for each back-up, and can minimuze theoverall cost of infrastructure and time needed to have your systems running smoothly again. So what is it? Chain-free image-based solution eliminates the potential of broken, unusable backups, along with the need for intrusive reseeding of your company’s data.

Local Or In The Cloud?

Our solution can adapt your business continuity and disaster recovery solution to suit your needs. While cloud only may seem to be a good solution for the redundacy in doing both local and cloud back-up, is the best method

Recovery In Minutes, Not Weeks!

Data back-up on its own is a great thing, no company wants to lose it’s work and have business down time. The wrong back-up service can have you waiting days to recover your data. Our solution, in the event of an outage from any cause, will have your business up and running quickly. This applies if you and your team are in the office or working remotely.

Trusted Back-Up Provider

We are also a business, this gives us a big understanding of how important data, software and working devices are to your business; they are important to ours. With our back-up service, your backups can be sent off-site to secure and compliant data centers, where cloud services are backed by 100% cloud service-level agreement (SLA).

Total Server Protection

Your companies servers are essential in keeping your business running, if they go down, it all can go down. Backing up the files is just not good enough. Data, operating systems, applications, and configurations are all things that need to be recovered on a server. Our solution relies on a full image-based back-up so everything on your server is protected.

Never Pay A Ransom

Ransomware is real and can be a series problem and threat. Hackers tack over your systems and refuse to unlock them until you pay their ransom. Not good. Never pay the ransom. AirGap safety archive ensures protection in the case of malware and ransomware.

Get Started today with Data-back up Recovery Services

Pricing starts as low as $12 per month for each workstation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order back-up services?

You can head over to our Contact Us page. From there you can choose to call us, email us, or fill out our contact form. We are actively checking our messages and will respond to you ASAP.

How do you bill for the back-up service.

Our billing is based on the number of workstations (computers) and servers you need backed up. Once the quote is finalized, we will bill you to get the service started. You can choose to do recurring monthly charge on a credit card or pay the bill annually by check or credit card.

Does Soho need to be onsite to set up the service?

In most cases, no. We can do it remotely. For local backup, some additional hardware may be required. This can be set up ahead of time or SoHo can come onsite (where available) to install any needed equipment.

Do I need any additonal hardware?

For cloud back-up services, you do not need any additional equipment or hardware. We also offer a local cache backup using onsite hardware at no additional reoccurring cost. This scenario can speed up the recovery of any data. Contact us for details on hardware supported.

Why is full image-based back-up better?

Backing up your files such as Word Documents, PDFs, pictures and music is a great start but for a business, we recommend you take it a step further. When ransomware hits or systems crash, if you do not full image back-up, you are stuck installing all your software and apps again. This can include a reinstall of the operating system. With our full image-based back-up, your operating system, software and apps including all your data and files can be restored saving you a lot of time, frustration and money.

Did We Answer Your Question?

We would love to talk to you and discuss your needs in detail. As a small business, we understand you need great service, your business needs to stay running and you need it at a reasonable rate. We got you convered.